Our Team



Glenn Cormier has been the Owner/Operator of the Bowen Island Pub for the last ten years, as well as Co-Founder and Partner of the Happy Isle Cannabis Company based out of Bowen Island.

Glenn is an active leader within the Bowen Island business community with past roles on the Economic Development Committee, Bowen Island Business Association and Tourism Bowen Island.

After an extensive 25-year career in the hospitality industry through various executive and senior level management positions in hotels, restaurants and bars, Glenn moved with his wife and daughter to Bowen Island in 2012 to embark on the re-development project of the Bowen Island Pub. The iconic local pub had closed its doors in early 2012 after years of decline. Glenn revitalized the business and began planning of a full rebuild of the pub in the parking lot next door. In 2018 the new pub opened its doors, and the old pub was demolished.

Located at the heart of the Bowen community, the revitalization of the pub building with new commercial retail space and affordable housing units, breathed life into the Bowen economy and encouraged new investment.

With the expansion of Glenn’s cannabis retail company into Horseshoe Bay, Glenn looks to represent both communities as a hospitality and retail operator.