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Breakfast Panel – PURPOSE + PROFITS: How they work together to drive your brand reputation and your success

PURPOSE + PROFITS: How they work together to drive your brand reputation and your success

Breakfast Meeting and Panel Discussion

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
7:00 am to 9:00 am

Hollyburn Country Club, Creekside Room
950 Cross Creek Road, West Vancouver

For years corporate, social, and environmental responsibility has been on the minds of business leaders. How to make a difference and continue to build their business? What is the right balance? What are the areas of need in the community? How can it work for my small business?
Now the conversation has shifted to “purpose” with the goal of understanding how to make authentic connections between a cause and your company or business.

“Purpose is the new currency; it’s one of the greatest untapped forces for the for-profit world.
Without purpose your business model is incomplete.”
Holly Branson, Virgin Group

Join us for an insightful and inspiring discussion about how businesses of all sizes are adding purpose as a key element to their business proposition and how it has impacted their communities.
The morning starts with Adine Mees, CEO, West Vancouver Foundation presenting the 2017 Vital Signs Report which incorporates demographics, statistics, studies and community dialogue to identify concerns and support actions on issues that are critical to the quality of life on the North Shore.

Joining Adine will be a panel of business leaders who will share their experiences in how their organizations have become more vital, interesting, relevant, and connected through the support of various community initiatives and environment, social, or community causes. The discussion will include the importance of purpose to driving business success, build reputation and employee engagement.

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