Business Resources

The West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, offers the following services to the public & business community.

  • Name Approval Request
  • Corporate Search
  • A public computer to access One Stop Business Registration & Corporate Online
  • Resource Library


STEP 1 - Name Approval Request

The first step in incorporation or registration of firms is the approval of the business name. This process combines the name search and approval. The approval of any name is at the discretion of the Registrar of Companies.

It is recommended that you submit three business name choices, in order of preference, for each name approval. Your first choice for a name may be approved, if available, and held for a period of 56 calendar days. Once approved, you will be assigned a Name Reservation number to be used in the business registration process.

Any renewal of the reservation period requires payment of another reservation fee. Your second and third choices are not examined unless the initial choice of name is not available. Regardless of whether your three choices are all examined or not, the full fee is charged.

Name Approval Requests are processed at the West Vancouver Chamber Office, 2235 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. The cost is $52.50 per application including GST and takes approximately two to three business days to return your results via email, if you submit your Name Approval application in person. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Cash only.

We are open Mon thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, except Statutory Holidays. Summer hours 10.00 am to 4 pm
Click here to Download Name Approval Request Form

Research Your Choices – check them out for potenial conflicts through telephone listings, business directories and other publications. Here are some helpfull links to assist your research.,,

STEP 2 - Register the Business

The West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce does not register businesses.

For Proprietorships & Partnerships
One Stop Business Registration and select option # 4
Help Desk 1-877-822-6727 Frequently Asked Questions

For Corporations
Go to Corporate Online and select “File an Incorporation Application”

Online filings can be submitted from 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday including statutory holidays.
Help Desk 1-800-663-6102

If the company is to be incorporated with a name created by adding “B.C. Ltd.” after the incorporation number. (Eg. 873524 B.C. Ltd.) go to the Corporate Online link select “File an Incorporation Application” and select option (b) on the second page.

STEP 3 - Business License

Processed at West Vancouver Municipal Hall, 750 – 17th Street, Second Floor

For business licence information and current prices call The District of West Vancouver 604-925-7152 or click here to visit their website.

District Bylaws including Business Licence Bylaws

The District of West Vancouver entered into an agreement with both the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver establishing an Intermunicipal Business Licence scheme for the North Shore. The specific business category available is “contractor”. The contractor takes out a business licence in the Municipality they reside in, enabling the company to operate in all three participating municipalities. A business licence fee is charged by the resident Municipality plus an Intermunicipal Business Licence fee which is shared amongst the Member Municipalities. This business licence scheme is an option to the contractor and is highly recommended by the District of West Vancouver. For further information, please contact Bylaw and Licencing Services at 604-925-7152.


From this page you can download and print, to your own printer, most of the common statutory forms filed with the Corporate Registry.

  • B.C. COMPANY FORMS – paper filings
  • B.C. COMPANY FORMS – paper versions for your use prior to completing an online filing
  • EXTRAPROVINCIAL COMPANY FORMS – paper version for your use prior to completing an online filing
  • PARTNERSHIP/PROPRIETORSHIP FORMS – including Dissolution or Changes


The first step is to complete a Name Reservation Form for the new name.

Once the name has been approved the next step is to complete a Dissolution or Change of General Partnership/Sole Proprietorship form (see link above). Complete sections A, B, E, and G. only.

The cost to change the name is the same as registering a new business; however, the business retains its original registration number and registration date, which can be important.


We have free wireless internet and many business-related resources, both print and online. Our business related databases and websites are grouped together on our BUSINESS “Info by Topic” page:

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