The Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development produces a range of publications related to trade, investment and economic development in British Columbia. These current publications are available on their website.

Small Business Reports & Brochures

  • Small Business Profile 2005: A Profile of Small Business in British Columbia

Information Guides for Small Business

  • Comprehensive information guides related to starting a small business.
  • Exploring Business Opportunities: A Guide for Entrepreneurs
  • Starting a Home-Based Business: A Manual for Success
  • Women in Business – A Guide to Resources for BC Women
    • Starting Your Business
    • Growing Your Business
  • Starting a Small Business in BC
  • British Columbia Exporting and Importing Info-Guide
    • Business Planning and Financial Forecasting
    • Financial Planning Template
    • Business Planning and Financial Forecasting

Additional Resources and Directories

  • Interactive Business Planner, An easy to use step-by-step online tool to
  • assist you with developing you business plan
  • Interactive Export Planner, An easy to use step-by-step online tool to
  • assist in preparing an export plan or an export
  • Sample Business Plans, Business Planning tools
  • Business Directories
  • Sourcing Guides, Guides containing regulations, funding, training courses, contacts and market data.